The Original Pintech Kit

I’ve been using my Pintech kit since 98. Still looks and plays like day 1.  It’s the original kit Pintech put out that was road worthy. I believe its close to 300 shows and endless studio use on them. Purely the best drums. – Donn Parent

Needs More Money!!!

I just wanted to take the time to email you and thank you for everything you have done for me. I got a chance to “test drive” the new stuff you sent me this weekend and I couldn’t be happier with it all … it took a little tweaking with the positioning of the sensor on the cymbals but I …

Totally Fallen in Love

Hope all is well with you and the great people at Pintech. Since our church purchased Pintech almost 8 years ago, I have totally fallen in love with your drums and your company. Thank you for making such amazing quality drums. Thank you, -Matt

Honor is Key

Wow! Pintech honors their warranty! I’ll have to put this on Facebook. I have dealt with other companies that don’t honor their advertised warranty, it’s very annoying and hard to enforce. Thank you very much, I am now a loyal Pintech customer. – Rob Rhoads

A Customer for Life

I wanted to thank you for the exemplary service that you provided me today. I deal with customers on a daily basis and I realize that at times it is challenging but I must say that you are truly an example of what great customer service is all about. Not only are you a model for people regarding what great …

A Review From Mexico

Last Friday got my cymbals to Mexico City. Yesterday I’ve played with them!, and after a while of configuration in my Yamaha module DTXpress II the sound is very good!, I’m very happy with my new cymbals, the cymbals are very realistic, because of the size, material, sound, movement (the spring is working great). Thank you! Regards from Mexico city.

Proudly Displaying Pintech

Why are you so awesome??? Thank you SO much for everything… The extra triggers?? Really, thank you. You really made this happen for me. I was really only in for triggers in the first place. The cymbals was something I was willing to live with. I had resigned to just having a “functional” kit that I would one day have …

Scotts Kit

A More Realistic Feel

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The kit performs flawlessly with my Yamaha DTX500 unlike ██████, which ignores Yamaha owners. The rim trigger works great on the snare . The feel is also more realistic than the Roland pd100 and pd120 setup I sold to buy these. Best drum decision yet. I will NEVER buy another brand of …

The Tale of the Flying Pintech Drum Kit

So we’ve all heard testimonials about various products and even I find it hard to believe most of them. But here’s one for you guys that I swear on anything is true…. I play in a local cover band her in Savannah. We play parties and bars, we all have day jobs this is just a hobby kind of thing. …