Killer Triggers

I bought the trigger conversion kit for my acoustic drums and works like a dream and way easy to installs in minutes. These are killer triggers for the money. Thanks – john pasqua (Escondido, California)

A Son’s Birthday Present

1) The products Pintech makes are stunning. Solid cast iron, mesh heads give both the solidity and responsiveness that is required. So performance is extremely high. Then when combined with the price, which comes in below comparable and even inferior products, and the price to performance ratio is really a no-brainer. Frankly, just the performance makes it a no-brainer, so …

Pintech Kit 1

2 Pintech Kits into 1!

My initial intro to Pintech was buying 2 used kits via kijiji. I combined these in a rack system for studio use. Despite being used and dozens of drummers it was 5 years of use before I had to contact Pintech to reorder skins as my 8″ bass drum finally ripped. I dealt with Ryan. My initial order experience was …

Robert Kearns' Pintech Kit

Pintech Kit From the Year 2000!

I purchased the basic kit in 2000 when the Pintech company was a fledgling. The mesh construction was what I wanted and the triggers were the best at the time. I have slowly customized the kit by adding better Pintech triggers, additional Pintech toms and dual trigger Pintech cymbals, combined two Roland TD-6 brains and a switched out to a …