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    All Pintech products are made with universal operation in mind. We want our products to work with as many drum modules as possible.

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    Aluminum, Titanium, Bullet-Proof Polymers and More. Those are just some of the materials that Pintech uses for our products.

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    Pintech backs up our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Offering heavy-duty products means nothing if you don’t have a way to back it up. Pintech does.


Pintech’s Reaction Series mesh heads lead the pack when it comes to quietness, durability and feel. Our mesh heads come with a special rubber adhesive on the edges to help prevent tearing and to give the head a more natural feel. Pintech mesh heads are also available in 2 different colors: Black or White.   Learn More …

Pintech’s newest product is the eWedge pad! This compact but sturdy drum pad is a perfect addition to any electronic or hybrid kit. Constructed out of aluminum and titanium, the eWedge is built to last. Featuring our world-renowned triggering system, and a sound deadening rubber on top. Installs using a normal L-Rod.   Learn More …

The Pintech A2E kit is the all-in-one solution for converting your drum kit into an electronic kit. Pintech’s system is 100% reversible, offers real positional sensing, single or dual zone capabilities, and allows you to use mesh or acoustic heads. Install on any size drum ranging from 8” all the way up to 26”!   Learn More …

The Pintech TC Series cymbals offer you one of the quietest playing surfaces with our world renowned triggering system. Available in single zone, and a number of various sizes.

These electronic cymbals are made of a virtually indestructible polymer.   Learn More …

I have been using Pintech products for over 10 years. Time and time again, they have never let me down. Pintech knows the high demand of drummers and the abuse we put our gear through. All Pintech products are built to last with awesome warranties. However, in the event an issue may occur, Pintech’s customer service shines as always. I have always had great experiences with their service and dedication to making everything right…Tony "TK" Cassidy

The Pintech PDK1000 is one of the industry’s fastest selling electronic drum kits. All mesh head construction with amazing triggering response makes this kit an amazing drum kit. Read More …

Get the looks and play-ability without sacrificing the convenience of electronics. The Jaguar comes out of the box as an electronic drum kit, but can be converted to acoustic with ease. Read More …

The Pintech Road Pro is the choice of professionals. Packed with amazing features and unbelievable response and construction. The Road Pro is the cream of the crop. Read More …