Sale! Pintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit Conversion
Pintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit ConversionPintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit ConversionPintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit ConversionPintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit ConversionPintech Jaguar Electronic Acoustic Drum Kit - LIMITED!

Pintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit Conversion

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Product Description

Convert your acoustic drum kit into an electronic drum kit without drilling any new holes!
Used by some of the biggest bands in the world: Def Leppard, Linkin Park, Godsmack, JB and the Moonshine Band and more!


The Pintech A2E kit is the all-in-one solution for converting your drum kit into an electronic kit.  Pintech’s system is 100% reversible, offers real positional sensing, single or dual zone capabilities, and allows you to use mesh or acoustic heads.

Pintech’s exclusive design features a carbon steel metal bridge system that is adjustable for any size drum ranging from 8” all the way up to 26”!

Easy to install, and doesn’t require any special tools.  Pintech’s solution is the most heavy-duty and universal conversion kit on the market.

Featuring our specially engineered 3 piece dual density foam, you are guaranteed to have the best playing experience imaginable. Just adjust sensitivity through your drum module. Our triggers are so sensitive that you can use brushes for ultra quietness.





  • The “Pigtail” system has a cord that sticks out of your drum.  The end of the cord is a 1/4″ female plug.  This is the easier of the two systems to install, but may not have as clean of a look as the “flush-mount” design.  This design is also not as rugged as the “Flush-Mount” design – Because someone can pull on the cable and potentially pull on the trigger. This system is the preferred way to go if you don’t want to modify anything on your drums at all.
  • The “Flush-Mount” system allows you to install the 1/4″ plug right into the shell.  Normally, people will utilize their existing vent hole to install this system. You MAY have to cut out your metal grommet that is in your vent hole, as it requires a 1/2″ hole.  This system gives you kit a cleaner look, and allows more protection if someone pulls out a cord.  This system is a little harder to install than the “Pigtail” system, but should still be easy to do for any drummer.



  • Available in single or dual zone
  • 100% velocity sensitive trigger design
  • Positional Sensing
  • 100% Reversible
  • No Drilling
  • Works with acoustic or mesh heads
  • Works with standard acoustic drums with an even amount of lugs
  • All metal design
  • Backed by Pintech’s exclusive limited lifetime guarantee
  • 100% American Made



  • Trigger assembly with EZ-Connect Technology (Single or dual zone)
  • 3 piece dual density foam system
  • 3 piece adjustable metal bridge system
  • 1/4″ Female Jack
  • Black Tape

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 1 in

8″ Drum, 10″ Drum, 12″ Drum, 13″ Drum, 14″ Drum, 15″ Drum, 16″ Drum, 18″ Drum, 20″ Drum, 22″ Drum, 24″ Drum, 26″ Drum

Single or Dual Zone

Single Zone, Dual Zone

Jack Styles (see above)

Flush-Mount System, Pigtail System

5 reviews for Pintech Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit Conversion

  1. Post
  2. Post
    5 out of 5

    I thought installing this would be hard, but it was super easy. I called with a couple of questions, and Josh was there to help me out. After converting my first drum, everything else was a lot easier. I only wished that I did dual zone on everything. I only did it with my snare. The bass was the hardest to install, but that was because I didn’t listen. Tip for anyone who installs it on their bass drum: Put the trigger off to the side, NOT in the middle. It made a HUGE difference.

  3. Post
    5 out of 5

    Pintech asked if I would do a review on these… I am happy with them. Had them for about a month now, and everything works great. Roland module.

  4. Post
    Steve McGill
    5 out of 5

    Bought this for my church. Was hesitant on how well it would work, so I only bought a conversion kit for the snare. I am now buying it for the other 4 drums and my bass. Works great with an Alesis DM10 module. Thanks Pintech!

  5. Dmitry
    5 out of 5

    I have purchased dual-zone A2E kit to convert 14” snare drum. In short – it works great. I was impressed with the quality of the build. The brackets were sturdy and well made. Central bracket slides inside “L” brackets and assembly is held together by four screws with lock nuts – will not get loose from vibration. All wires were wrapped in heat shrink tube – not only looks good, but offers some protection. Both piezo had connectors to plug them into ¼ audio connector. Connectors can only be plugged-in one way, leaving no chance to mix-up polarity. Rim connector was clearly labeled. I liked the metal strip soldered to rim piezo. It makes much better contact to the rim, and does not rely on sticky tape alone. It might even improve sensitivity of the rim triggering. Electrical connections were easy. Mechanical – not so much, but it just my unlucky drum (Craigslist special).
    I was planning to use vent hole to install ¼ audio connector. It was too small, so I had to drill out the metal insert to make a hole a little bigger. Once installed connector looks good, barely noticeable. Internal brackets were easy to install and did fit nearly perfectly. “Nearly” because on my drum I had to use smaller washers on one of the lug screw, so both screws would fit inside “L” bracket. I wish the ear of the “L” bracket was a little longer to give more installation options. I also had to fiddle with the bracket a lot, turning it upside down and up again a few times to make sure piezo and the foam cylinder is set at correct height. I ended-up pushing the bracket all the way up to make the right height.
    Drum performance was impressive. It worked right out the box on my Roland TD-12. No adjustments were necessary. None. I unplugged PD-125, plugged Pintech in, and it worked. In fact, everything worked. Rim shots, cross sticking, positional triggering – everything. I was a little vary about cylindrical shape of the foam comparing to the cone Roland and others use. I was concerned about larger hot spot in the middle of the drum – but it seems to be working fine. There is a “hotter” spot in the middle, but it does not produce any crazy loud sounds.
    I also have installed Pintech’s rubber rim protector, and it fits absolutely perfectly.
    What Pintech could have done better?
    Ears on the “L” shaped angle bracket could be longer. It gives more options for bracket’s height adjustment.
    Provide some wire clips to secure trigger wires to the bracket and lugs inside the drum. I had to improvise with some plastic cable ties, but the wire clip would have work better, it oncy costs few cents, and I wish it was included.
    It would be nice to include a paper with quick installation reference. At the minimum it should include the height of foam cylinder above the hoop, best installation position for rim trigger (for left or right-handed drummer) and best way to secure the wires.
    Make installation video shorter. It is 46 minutes long, and it takes a while to get to useful details.
    Lastly, the price could be better. Product is very well made, but it is not cheap.

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